Lyrics , Unbroken Mind/Prisoner of Hope


is it okay to say I

am a prisoner of Hope

would that be strange, that though I am standing on flimsy

reasons to survive and am virtually blind

and stripped naked torn and broke,  that i love

my strangely freed mind

I am I am I am…

would that be strange to even whisper out here

would you say Im out of my mind



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4 responses to “Lyrics , Unbroken Mind/Prisoner of Hope

  1. InnerDialect

    Then we are alike in that we are dis-believers of Hope, but what does one do when Hope thunks me on the head and I have no place left to run ? :))) It binds me hand foot and sole to its Darling plots and schemes … sometimes am forved to believe, there is hope…

  2. Existence is inevitably a painful affair, as the Buddha would say. Hope sustains us through that pain. But, personally, I don’t nurture much hope. I’m more practical and accept the essential absurdity of life.

    Enjoyed your poem for the existential angst it depicts.

  3. We all are prisoners of hope..Its not wrong to be one. Better to call believers of Hope 🙂 well written

  4. I am first timer on your blog. Don’t we all are prisoners of hope! The prison we love and sometimes the only reason to exist.

    Loved the thought and words.

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