If you will look real close in this picture of a

Water Park

Water Park

watersport Place, outskirts of my city you will see a little boy in a crowd. Look closer  : notice he’s probably enjoying the trip the most, and not really with anyone.

He is blind but can see some colour. It thrills him, and oh it thrills me, as he calls out to me, that high voice carrying thru the open, just making sure I am there too. Nah you cant see me. But I was there with the cam / and drool.  It was his first time at a place like this / my first too.

I laughed and cried for all of us with, ” challenges..”  /

Our son Joh is 8, fearless, loads of fun, hyper, thrills to water / gets the best boatman / everyone gets the best ride : Joh’s comments are unbelievable :

Water goes swooooooooooohhh in my ears ... ” his ears are to the bottom of the neat blue and white boat..

He rides the deck like a Prince, chin high and harmonising with the drone of the motor. By now the dear ladies who avoided us courteously are a little more forgiving..

We ride  a small wave and everytime that happens and the deep sharp turn to return to harbour , he goes, ” Wheeeeeeeeeeeee  ! “

Its contagious. Even teacher in the black and grey has allowed herself a grin. She looks lovely with all those dimples we never saw.

A stranger on deck turns to me and keeps nodding. Whats he trying to say ? Pl dont cry on me dear person.

” That boy will only bring you joy… “

Sigh, deep sigh. That took an hour, uh. A kind sentence. Dear sweet smiln heavens you do exist for persons like me. Yep. its tough at times  but the perks are beyond belief.

Some one says, “ Bye sweetie, thank you for a nice trip…”

” You can call me Johann, ” Joh says after a moment.

I ask a giggle to shut up inside. Most people expect me to be a harassed indian housewife with special-needs blind child, and what on earth is your life like !!!

How do I tell them I’m learning how to live all over again. Enjoy my endless streets / my Race / enjoying upsetting my own agendas…& almost too much to find words for here..   Its a blessing / to just sample this life..

Sound vision

Sound vision


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