Must I feel Guilty ?

It is Quiet here between Rock and Hard place

in the curl of the wave before it crackle- crashes over

.. crust crumbles and Things change.. yet

everything within, says , ” Rest, all is well..”
between a rock and a hard place

I know,  I know. This  Skin is tender in the Rock,

this detour , where  my  heart arrests Your

gaze :  stunned with that particular Silence

that decrees, ” All is well..” and I

am guilty that now, am  unafraid / celebrating

Feasts I  do not  yet own ; harvesting  Fields yet unploughed /

anchoring ships, still ravaged/soothing tears

yet unwept.

Was Preparing  for  more chaos, not Peace. Not Peace.

What do I do with These ??

What do I do

with These .. new Mercies ..?


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Filed under Guilty, peace, poetry, Provoke, Writing

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