Why’m I telling you this / ‘unbroken’ series

Unbroken  series “spirit of Comfort ‘…

today, i need that kind of healing most, but the originals been sold. wonder whether i could rproduce another..  recently i lost a good friend, but thats another page, best left to its mates.

Just thinkn, painting, sketchn, writing, talking without too many words at all.

How invaluable these Gifts are.

Least demanding / intrusive..

fulfilling and true. Pure, like a single note of music, some one said in a movie, somewhere..

feeln blessed just thinkn of my small art room over a busy city, waking up to another day. This morning, the trees looked almost unnaturally green.  Why ‘m I telling you this. Does anyone ever read, emote..

we reach into ourselves and know we ‘re there..

in a network beyond belief. outside inner structure and experience. thats crucial evidence of existence….

theres enough to reach in, and touch. Heal, make new.

Then get out of my recesses and lose some of the stuff that shouldnt be here .

Love this space. It reminds me theres a Life to live.

Clour. Music.  Better words and  moments left to fill.

….heya / have peace.. 🙂


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