When you did that ..

when you did that

river side

Canvas, it was dark outside. like a sudden solar eclipse.  There had been a pending sadness.

A friend had gone , to never return, and the rooms in my house were silent. Even the birds forgot to sign off and the trees were too still. Like they too understood and were sentry to our hearts.

But you were painting so much Light. Life.

I gawked at you.

After all that / all that , and that and that ...  you picked the brightest shades, then went to the Store for more. What kept the Light shining in  your head ?

What keeps it spilling over as if we do not need the Sun any more ?

As if there is Gain from Loss.

No actual tearing away. Like theres an understanding between this Life and the Other : that this is the lesser Reality , and the Other, the Larger.

A Painting could never achieve all this  ; what halts the shattering mind, is face of a Mate, who smiled a real smile, when all was Lost. And said, ” All is Well…”

And Meant it.  So that the Light shone all in.  And the Silence of emptiness , began to fill with surprise Visitors. Messengers. Words. A certain lifting of the Inside  :

the Breath that shocked a deep valley filling with deadened eyes. Listless arms and feet sunk in the river that had stopped running clear . Running wide.

a fresh Wind Blowing thru  scorched Earth : like a healing Smile.. I inhale and rest, inside. Deep Inside. Deep deep inside, where you cannot see…

there  is the rush of a new Tide . This spillage of colour cavorting all in..  running deep, running wide , clear ,  sand free sparkling ,

am swept off my feet , from this riverside….

< Its hard to stop courting the dark  /  but Reality , is the Light  :


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