She gives me Peace,
even last evening, at the Meet
the Last one, the last running mile at School, the bugle blew and the banners folded, another chapter of Life,

our Little Girl, not yet a woman,
not a Child,
so strong, so powered mild,

i cried , she asked me why, I said, these days I cry when Im happy …

so many miles, we ve run, and talked and raced and stalked and wept and sought and learned to not hate the things we cannot love, and love , and be and live and fruit and learn to sometimes just not talk, listen,

dance, remember, lean, give, take, trust,
create, meet each other, share our differences, and other growing things, even separating pathways, running, somehow thicker, side
by side…

Last night , I saw her Face, It was so many unspoken Words, like Peace….

this little woman,  somehow

my child



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