Startled by You


Don't let the sun go down on your grievances

Don’t let the sun go down on your grievances (Photo credit: kevin dooley)


Be a Tree, He said to me, planted by Streams of Living Water; I laughed inside but didn’t dare say anything out loud;

Be a jewel in my crown,reflecting the lights of the Sun, I cried till the tears flowed a river thru’ my soul, over the dust and crime;

Soar, My eagle,He said, as my nest turned over, losing root and bark and soil,beyond fences and gravity, and shyness demons;

He outblazed the Sun, outran every crooked mile and stone down below where I never knew my inheritance: I thought we were mere animal species,nothing beyond 9-5-9 existence.

Sun Catcher

Sun Catcher (Photo credit: ecstaticist)


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One response to “Startled by You

  1. Hi Rayla,

    Lovely lines with beautiful photos of the sun. Quite true, we should never let our hopes down, after all that’s what keeps us alive, right? 🙂


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