I dance with you..

Here we are,

kissing altars

Love Love Love

in the Times of Sand;

the boards are rock, we ride the wind

and surf Content, contempt

of love, but we are here

this far;

the tide runs soft, it has run wild

we hold close as we search the sky

each twirl a wave,

summer-winter salt

rake our lips, these tunes

can touch the sun; our days are these

like seas,

and a million songs inside

where we live and die so many times


we touch again what we lost sometime.

The music drowns –  not you

not I- we cannot leave

what draws the tide:

eddied curls of hate and life, spools of pain and some grey-

wordless- shallow :  tidal things,

my love, but this,

is left

what we breathe and know

like faith and hope and charity not fear, these e’en more

I have only little words for,

Perfect Love casts out Fear.” We saw it here

with eyes of faith,

we saw it near,

so far, and yet so

clear, what we just met

here, dancing in the aisle of


A rock, seen at low tide, exhibiting typical i...

…………………………………..Acro dance partners execute a Lawnmower, one o...



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2 responses to “I dance with you..

  1. Kramer

    Winter came back with a fury while we looked forward to spring. Grey skies which sometimes blushes pink (like you said in another piece) and while while I probably didn’t get what you wrote, there was warmth in this piece and a hope of winter going on it’s way to give spring a chance.

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