” She is a dreamer,” teacher wept

” She doesn’t pay attention,

your daughter talks all the time

laughs,draws,runs, can’t walk slowly,

moves too fast,writes untidily,A mother holds up her child.

loves only poetry,and drawing,

what will she do next year when the books get tougher?

Uh ? “


I ran out the classroom, hiding my face,

ran under the trees outside, hide my grin, dear sweet smiling merciful heavens;

that child is like me, what wonderful thing did I do to deserve this moment,

that child is like me, a dreamer, an insane lover of word and other things I hide here  in blogs,

what will we both do next year ? Oh I do not know, but this is fantastic, she talks all the time, laughs even –  this little one who never used to smile.And she had this weakened knee, and pneumonia…

how do I tell teacher about this child that is now


Dear God, now I know, you answer prayersMy song of Joy, Kirtan & Painting " Ma"

that you care for children

and new mothers

dear God, please help Teacher….

With love,

from a mother-who-dreamed.




English: Himba mother and child about 15 km no...

English: Himba mother and child about 15 km north of Opuwo, Namibia. Français : Une mère et son enfant de la tribu Himba. Photo prise 15 km au nord de Opuwo, en Namibie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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