We’re all mad here

I could never understand how my grandmother could be so at peace with the loneliness of widowhood and bringing up five kids on her own…..

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Could never see how Majan could go on to be a lawyer and musician with blindness halting him between buses and stair cases, among a krizillion things but he doesn’t seem to stop,

it seems completely crazy that some smile thru’ pain and it makes me ask if they are faking it, esp if they are saying soul-suffocating things like ” gratitude”….

I try. But madness just about explains it. Throws smiles around it ;

what is madness anyway,

who’s to say which end of the curved line is normal and who wants to be predictable ?

My grandmother was the most unpredictable person I have ever met, she loved the Beatles, hated mini-skirts, danced while cooking and never stopped her little happy games with my dad ( her son-in-law)… if that is insane, its worth the price we pay, it’s laughter and so much fun for the rest of us. I never once heard my grandma complain except the time there was a storm and we could not go outside, but even that became a picnic of sorts…

and if you had visited you’d have seen we were playing games with the shadows in the wall….

I don’t know that we play silly games so much these days? Old fashioned things without remotes and quick cues… hide and seek, climbing trees and the basic family walk. I do try to double that up with the morning scramble for the school bus, quick kiss in the stair and comb Kitsi’s hair in the street corner ; the school-bus conductor always looks at me a little oddly. I do have my grandma’s kind of mischief I guess. I hope the kids inherit it. Beats TV !


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  1. guspazhachinar

    In one word, ‘Beautiful’. The little things you describe, touched my heart.

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