Why didn’t they tell us this in school ?



There are things I have not seen yet, nor heard,

things not entered my heart,

events we have not seen and may be will not, which is why I guess we have each to

tell our stories to, share our travels and photographs ;

which I guess is why there are pictures at all, or stories writ, and blogs and

talks, even schools and places of meet : it took me so long to figure this out ?

why didn’t they say so in school ? It would have made physics and chemistry feel like surfing and

browsing : that these are Earth stories, but will have to be worked for !


I shall have to say this to my child : Enter at your own risk./ there is Parental Guidance on this..

and our youngest who cannot see very well… I do not know how to introduce him to rainbows;

perhaps when the surf is high, there will be that kind of dew drunk light, and new definitions to

earth phenomenons – who knows…

the earth has her surprises ; never never never settle down to an old text book, uh ?


Net pic of rainbow waves.



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