The Mind is my CEO

Noe Valley's Ship in a Bottle-Inspired Family ...

 (Photo credit: Inhabitat)

Yesterday my best friend Noe had an accident and after the shock of breakage and pain, after pain killers took over and the bruises began to sulk properly, after the silence that followed, came gratitude that nothing worse had happened. There was so much to heal and yet so much had been spared.

After that his eyes glowed as if with a new light, and much as am fascinated by the power of light in all its aspect, I can never really understand the ways of the human spirit. The way we speak deep when we are flung low.

Haven’t you ? Haven’t you gotten better deep inside – when the outer lights were put out a while and inner currents swelled ? Didn’t you hurt but you got quiet and with it arrived a new thing I have no word for, maybe you do…

this morning is quiet and there is peace that really is more than just this word…. peace I would like to think here – is Sweet-violence taking over pain, shock – it talks you out of chaos,  gives one wings when the arm is in a cast… I do not and cannot pretend to know.

But then you begin to heal and that is evidence for me that the mind my definite CEO.

Pain in acute myocardial infarction (front)

Pain in acute myocardial infarction (front) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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