How wide is this space

How far does this reach,
who are you ( reading this?:)

where are we standing in space…

English: View of Mauna Kea from Mauna loa obse...

English: View of Mauna Kea from Mauna loa observatory on Hawaii (island). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

will we know the miles we have covered
will there be a tomorrow for all of us here
we might share little, but yes the same skies;
do my spoken words get stored in some secret space and you
get them some day
are things stored in magnetic fields
aren’t there more mysteries than we can begin to fathom
how the hell can ants see and work like that
what happens if the earth suddenly stops her spin
who will be in charge then
who knows what can change in the next milli-macro-second
much as I learnt geography and other phies, I cannot answer my child
who sees lesser visual fields than I, and thinks of things I don’t.

How do I tell him most of us believe what we see

Chorus Line

Chorus Line (Photo credit: Puzzler4879)

then he might  gear a trick question and I’m not ready for that today
which is why I blog,write,paint,sing,talk,work,do things to fill the invisibilities.
He wants to listen to Celtic lady play her white electric violin, and then
will ask trick questions about music! Notes. Musicians.
Why did Michael J die, what of ? This child of mine loves movies and rock shows
malls, traffic noise and even stern-faced police men.
He is like the Universe. Too full to comprehend; but time with him is
every invisible thing
smashing my negligent treatment
of Mama Cosmos.

English: Silent violin

English: Silent violin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank you! My photostream has been viewed 2000...

Thank you! My photostream has been viewed 20000 times! (Photo credit: hiromama)


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