Valentine’s day pink chaddi brigade

Country Valentine

Country Valentine (Photo credit: .bobby)


Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day Flowers (Photo credit: Elizabeth Thomsen)


Valentines day will always always be remembered ( by me) for the fuss it kicked up in some parts of this nation – a local political group vandalising card shops and prospective runaways/lovers… guhhhhh! What I never forget is the masses and masses of ‘ pink chaddis’ ( Panties!) in all sizes, frill,bows,strings,texture… that arrived at a politician’s address. He was so upset, he said, ” we will send these back to these girls’ parents ! They have no respect for elders!” ( Something to that effect).




It was a reminder that we still have spunk and can make an impression without nukes and war heads.


It’s what St Valentine started out to do in the first place,giving out gifts to those who needed it most, what a sweetheart, what a saint.
Have a nice day.




Valentine's day countdown

Valentine’s day countdown (Photo credit: Julie K in Taiwan)







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  1. nice blog….. keep it up.

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