A Web-Wish

A Web-Wish.

A Web-Wish

321058_527026207322064_585981814_nLife is beautiful,what were you thinking?
You could just walk away live and die, go cold;  cut away what you abhor, hey Mona, what was that you just called to say ?

That nothing was beautiful anymore, cuz he went away, and the promises you made, crashed out the door? I wouldn’t know how that hurts, but this is for sure, you are still so beautiful, like life, waiting outside, maybe miles from here, I don’t know..

but who knows all, uh Mona? Tell me ? Do we have the right to let go ? 

This could sound easier to say than feel,on a day like this when everyone else is making pretty memories, yet one thing never dies,like the skies, like the tears in a baby’s eyes, bitter-sweet, yet more than these, there is a fact, the powered prayer of broken knees, life is not just beautiful, there is more.


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