Forgotten Keys

” I just want to live, ” she said, I’ll call her Kaya, she was only 19, little nose and eyes filled with dead dreams.

That was so long ago, I was young too, too young to know, death can happen without much notice. Kaya lived a year more – her arms told the tale of needles, and a loneliness too much to understand. I ran from the kinds of boyfriends she had, the day parties I never understood, the fun they never had, the sad sad music…

I never forgot Kaya, never forgot that I was unsure of how to help. Today the world might seem more dangerous, but there is more access to help than ever before. There is.If we will not walk away that easy.

There are Key words we have within, a teacher once told me. And the power to say them. Words like:

” No”


” Stop”

“I don’t need you anymore> addiction”

I am sorry Kaya, for what it’s worth.I had forgotten friends have a right to protect each other. 



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