Between the rhymes are reasons

sometimes you will hear a song

sometimes you will hear a song

” What do you mean reason ?” The Artist scowled at a Reporter, there¬† are no reasons why we sing or paint or dance…!”

Ah but.

Why does the river run, where does the rain go, what do they speak to each other, who are they later – after they have run together, or expanded into skies ;

What is blue, and black or white  music? Where does Soul breathe? Does laughter too not have tears ? Does Sound minister?

Does Silence have a voice – an earth with springs and sunrise… does it sing, can it birth a song?

Yes there are reasons, and there are rhymes. Together or apart, they make different kinds of songs, perhaps.


Perhaps the words too arrive. Little pieces of us, speaking of reasons we are yet to meet,

perhaps that is why there are songs.

They help us


us ?


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