The curved straights


Anna (Photo credit: NFGman)








At the Reading there were so many new faces and we did not need an introduction, isn’t that odd? There was laughter, the clink of glass and some amount of food if you spilled, ah – that kind of a meet. Samir wore a silk shirt but who saw, you heard his voice like a night, empty, stark. It was terrifying fun to be scared that way, and Anna?


Oh Anna said she was authoring a new book of sweet revenge. No, no ! This is Desserts to kill. Yes, writers arrived in all types ; I was the only one in a sari. Everyone else was going home maybe, I had a concert and had to look normal I thought.


Which brings me to the Topic of the Readers’ event there… ” What is Normal.”


It was not a question.It was Rhetoric.


Like ” Hmmm” which Samir says very effectively.  Anna does ” OH” so well.


Not one person was abnormal in that Reading ; how nice I thought, to be that easy and different and sound good with Rhetorics.


Later I heard so many new half words at the Concert : Oh’m, Ah’m, Eh, Ohkay, Oh? No. No? Sighs and shudders. Scraping of chairs and coughs waiting in throats.


What a noise we humans make and we’re mongering words!






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