Inspired from a jamming session in the Mountains at dusk, and from the talented Pakistani folk singer, Arif Lohar’s acclaimed track, ‘Jugni Ji’ from its Coke Studio version with Meesha Shafi.

* ‘Jugni Ji’ – The word ‘Jugni’ refers to a ‘female firefly’ in Punjabi Folk Music. In spiritual poetry, ‘Jugni’ means the spirit of life/essence of life.
Courtesy Debaroon


To soar, that tune needed no wings,

Swayed four head-robbed souls,

Sang their hearts out to the poles,

Mindless, they sat on high rocks,

Over thousand feet, their toes towered down,

Their eyes shone, as the Sun got ready without a frown,

To take off His golden robe, put away His crown,

In wraps, they tapped to that Sufi beat,

Celebrated their freedom, sweet,

No more prisoners of the world’s shine,

No more confined within its suffocating cells of heat,

Brains stepped out of their woolens,

Then crept out of their frames,

Rendered four groovy figures vacuum,

Carefree of the night’s length,

Of the approaching hungry Doom,

They were already miles away from time-bound sequences,

From reasons, logic and consequences,

Undirected, fingers exhibited blood-ties to that rhythm,

Echoed the mountains,

Sparkled, gargled, those shy fountains,

In farewell to the spent Star,

Plucked the strings,

Hailed the chilly infinity,

Hummed the…

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