Why does good news shock me


We watched Tasha heal, I am amazed as I write this. Amazed that I expected only bad news, expected to hear the medication would not work, that Doc’s words would come true.

Now I know we’ve not seen it all, now I know there is more than everything we ever touched or understood.

Last night Tasha had her first meal and they waited but the sallow skin turned healthy –


I am horrified that we are so stunned by good news and do not know how to deal with it. No one really got Tasha’s room ready that fast. We thought she would take another week. What happened, Doc asked Tasha’s mom. She didn’t know, but smiled with a slightly worried uncertainty. Should we really take her home ? Should we wait ?

We waited.

Tasha is impatient and cannot find her slippers or bag. Or phone. This is such good news, and funny now, see Tasha is getting hot tempered again like she used to. Like regular 60 year olds would.

Healing is such a good thing. Oh its such a good thing.

Storm path

Storm path (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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