Ms. Splendid ‘ red lips’

‘Man imitates Nature,’



Martine my Belgian artist friend said between silences and her Rembrandt pastels all over our tables. I say our tables, we were painting together, though it is still very hard for me to be creative in company.  And look at us, we both look like ….ah. Maybe dogs.’

I didn’t dare laugh yet. She was serious! The last time I did that, she wouldn’t speak to me and when she did, her creole accent was harsh. Like an angry violin. Later that evening,at the beach we saw weeds and some fish – they looked familiar. Ha ha.  Later we had shrimp and lime rice in the shacks by Aruna tea stall. Last week when Martine wrote in, with a new pic of herself and her gorgeous family, it all came back, her stories of how the earth is related to each other. Then I found this pic, had to share.

The best things in Life are really, real.

Na ?


Splendid red-lipped bat fish



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