Sarala, you make Mumbai beautiful!

This post is a Tribute to a fabulous Fellow- Writer,Artist,Human being :

Sarala Jayakumar



( check this blog link  Rihaansh )

Sarala and I, met across Kindergarten admissions for our kids. Mumbai 1998 ? She had these fantastic curls, a raincoat and eyes wide with wonder.

Over the years we have chatted about Life in all its form : kids, husband, clothes, spectacle frames, illness, birthdays, goodbyes, re-unions, blogs, work, national issues, poverty, rape, colleges for our teenage daughters, teen tussles, poetry, FB, friendships, missing one another ( I moved from Mumbai to Bangalore), Art, painting..

I miss you in Mumbai Sarala, but I love the person you are, the guts and beauty you inspire me with. I love your work,your voice on the phone just when I need a friend,oh so many things, and the way you ride every wave that comes at you, with such style! Kudos

This Painting of Sarala’s ( her first) :

Quote S>Jayakumar :

“..its called thin line…… a thin line that exists between transparency and privacy(unable to get better word) in any close relationship which should be respected. I don’t know whether you agree with me or not…”



March 17, 2013

quiet evening for yourself with a freshly brewed mug of coffee or a social function??

well each one of us have our own choices right?  But I had no choice but to follow my husband, so there I was seated in a corner of a wedding hall watching well dressed ladies yet secluded with my thoughts which seemed to dance with the soft music. slowly I had began to enjoy the state of being with everybody yet all by oneself until somebody chose to whisk me off from my solitude and dragged me in to their group. Again I had no choice??(poor me?).

I heard somebody calling me BRAVE HEART(for all the battles we fought for the past four and a half years). BRAVE HEART and me??? I smiled to myself may be he doesn’t know how I was administered to sedatives to ease the panic attacks or even he doesn’t know how hard my heart would thump at the each session of chemo therapy, radio therapy and all those scanning sessions where I would accompany him to ease his anxiety but most of the times  it was vice versa.

If at all we could come out of all this unscratched it was solely  his will power and the moral support of all our lovely friends.

Again I took a close look at all those people around me. They were not just well dressed but also blessed with a compassionate heart as well. Most of them who chose to be a part of somebody’s happiness TODAY also chose to to be my co- traveler during my bad times as well. They could have easily chosen a quiet evening for themselves or a movie or even a good night sleep. But they didn’t  ;they chose to wipe my tears; they chose to give me a good night sleep; they chose to feed my daughter when i was away with him. THEY ALL CHOSE TO BE A GOOD HUMAN BEING FIRST.

Sarala Jayakumar.

A privilege to know you as my friend Sarala J.

what can I say





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3 responses to “Sarala, you make Mumbai beautiful!

  1. beauty lies in the eyes………only beautiful soul like you can see beauty in every other person. awaa a beautiful tribute to an ordinary person like me from an extra ordinary writer, artist, composer, super woman…….never ending list. thank you soooo much ray. your friendship is one of my most valued possession. love you

  2. 🙂 nice read !kind of speechless

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