The Art of Friendship

what can I say


This beautiful Lady ? LIDIA TOHAR  Studio 101My Life, My Art  : Boca Raton, Florida

We met via FB, and she has ever ceased to amaze me with her talent and everything else that makes a woman a real human being. She worked against odds, and rode every wave, to get to Studio 101.  Art & Humanity drips through her Life,  across the miles, to where I live, surrounded by my own challenges. Every single time I go quiet, Lidia’s there on my wall…. ” Ray, how are you ?”

The day she opened her Studio, and I so wanted to be there too, she asked, ” Why don’t you write me a poem, I’ll paint it into the Show.”   It was something about, ” A Woman wears many hats…”

She couldn’t have known I was going  sitting upside down in a rollercoaster,  but here we were, somehow together in a  display of friendship, I will never forget. If you are anywhere near Florida, people, check out her Studio 101. You will meet a phenomenal Person.

 Good Morning Rayla, just a quick hello to you and the family. Hope everyone is well . Hope your still writing and painting and just being you. 🙂
    • RN   you just went and got better Tohar!
    • Lidia Tohar thx Rayla just like you we just keep getting better don’t we . Thx GD for our Art madness ! Getting ready for my next show tomorrow.
      • RN All the very best fabulous person, you ‘re always writing in and chinning me up. LOVE YOU. Allow me a Pic to promo you on any of my sites, if you wish.And do send in a quote of yours too. I’m TIRED Of all my own words ha ha
      • Thx  Rayla. . I never tire of your words..  love them! You can pull any picture you want from my work .As for my words . I shall say what I always say to people , “That if you dream it then you have it …

Lidia Tohar

Colouring my world with thoughts of love , happiness and magic. Color for me is all of that . Magic needs to exist in this world . Life is all about movement and change with that comes light and color . I journey each time I paint to wolds unknown but exciting and mysterious. The stories they tell are full of rich characters , symbols and places that unfold with each stroke I make . I never know where it is going to lead me I just know it will entice my Imagination and stir my passion and the is the thrill of it . In the act of Art I best understand myself. Alchemy for the spirit and soul. Believe in the magic of Art!!!! Life is all about that not just the day in and out but that which takes you and pulls you away to dream  for a while …Feed your spirit don’t die before your time.Lidia Tohar

Getting ready for my exhibition Friday . I am so tired ! Art is exhausting sometimes . The business of it . Have to wear many hats to manage the job of a women artist . Passion it is all about or madness or a bit of both ! Art attack in the afternoon before the rain ……

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  1. bright and beautiful !! Wonder work !!

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