The Truth about Miss Earth at Mars


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Ms Earth 20142013-04-27 13.54.51

Ms Earth2014. (PiCourtesyRayCatcher)




MARS RAMP  they’re wearing oxygen at Earth-colony. She wears Gravity-enforced 5″Blak Boots,Space-protected- Ritah Beri -wrap;

My Stellar Secret... ( PiCourtesyRayCatcher)Click for betterview

My Stellar Secret… PiCourtesyRayCatcher)Click for betterview

Almond eyes, tan skin, and hair softened by Earth-nurtured oils. Here, everything goes against ‘natural’. Space frizz and anti-gravity, gaseous nasties and hair that pulls out any which way. But Prithvee  Miss Earth, is armed for the next 2 earth days. Will she hold out ? One  Martian day is 40 minutes longer than an Earth Day. Her hair is sieved – blended in, naturally as she dares –  held and styled by Tresemme. Martian air vs Earth Oils . Let’s see. They line up. ..Jupiter is magnificent, but remote. Saturn, Venus, like the rest, frosted glass and beauty, almost too dangerous to touch.

"...the Earth covers me : like TRESemme.."

“…the Earth covers me : like TRESemme..”

“Ms Earth, step forward please ?”A metallic voice bounces off  strobe lights in the steel ramp sunk in ‘ground’ like sea weed and cheese wells. She loses this Title,  she stays here for life. For life. The breath rasps in her long throat  like dry blades.

” NICE HAIR HOLD ”   The three Judges stand up and do their Mars wave… which means ?Jury

Which means, Ms Prithvee, you are invited to send a Wave, a Message of your own : answer this. If you had one line to give to this Galaxy or any, ON THE SECRET OF STYLE ,what would it be, and why ?”

images (2)

Mars Jury

Ms Earth steps forward and states, ” I’M COVERED.  On earth we are covered with miles of atmosphere , protection like no  other planet. Covered the way Tresemme shields my hair from Frizz and pollutants. You put creation and the created together, it can work. Nature and manufacture. Inner strength and extracts. Like the olives in Tresemme and my own 5 ‘ 8″ of human!”

” Ah, Earthling can talk ! But will this hair style work  on earth ? It’ll all fall down ha haaaa you have gravity !!!”

” I also have TRESemme.” she replies.

“Ah, that’s just a tube! What d’you call this …….hair fashion of ours that looks good on you ?”


TRESemmarz ! /Click for view

2013-04-03 17.45.05

My Stellar Secret .. I’m Covered.TRESemme.

In honor of your Mars’ Ramp and my earth oils- I call it TRESemmarz!”

“Zahhhhhhh!” The Jury rave. ”  YOU are NUMERO UNO  Miss Earth !”

We cut short this account for Galactic – security reasons, but Prithvee engages in the trade off of the century, exchanging every last bottle of TRESemme shampoo and conditioner, for a free return ticket to her own Planet.Jupiter

As Take- off shimmies and spins into space, someone nudges her from across the aisle, his brows high, his Martian -eyes  are pieces of frost-fire.  “Marry me, ” he whispers, slipping a deep red stone bracelet in her wrist. Prithvee grins.He has used some of her Tres’ Hair products and looks good after one whole Martian day ( 24 hours + 40 mins!)

This is just a holiday handsome !”  Miss Earth replies. “And I don’t know what Ma will say..” Martian grimaces. These Earth-Babes are sure covered !

Right. Just take me to this ‘ TRES tube !  It is hell without cover!  ”  He eyes  The Hamper ‘ between their seats.

She grins and lets him steal it… , as Earth team-TRESemmarz  & Jury Mars cheer ” Zaaahhhhh!”

46536_1_468cWavesred-planet airstyle


Jen Su - Tresemme Launch

(This Post sponsored by friends of  the Planet  TRESemmé India Youtube channel.&

2013-04-036Ms Earth'2014MartianMs Earth 2014@Mars


Juanita Viale como nunca la viste en la nueva ...

Juanita Viale como nunca la viste en la nueva campaña de TRESemmé (Photo credit: sitemarca)


Planets of the Solar System

Planets of the Solar System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Earthtones RN




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