WHY ? ” He asked.  

Cover of

Cover of The Dentist

The Dentist‘s eye was large in his magnifying glass, as he asked me again.

“Why didn’t you come in earlier ? You have  cavities the size of volcanic craters...”


I trembled in my bare feet, in the tilted chair and  in his gaze that went thru’ my dental cavities, my suffering EnamelDentinCementum,Pulp and my  smoked maxillary premolars, my hang-jawed mandibular molars – oh and my  sagging supernumerary roots….

The Dentist showed me the xray of my very own alveolar bone all tattered like bad cheese. Those 32 incisorscaninespremolars (also calledbicuspids),[5] and molars ….  they used to be such beauties…

now I was shivering silly,

my teeth

but his eyes were kind. Like a father’s. Tired.

” My girl,” he said quietly.

” You have such a lethal combination of vitamin deficiency, you take too much tea,and sugar, you do not brush your teeth when you should, you are pregnant, you smoke and I hope you don’t drink ? “

Not the last one.. ” I said after a while. The man knew all that?

Why did you not come here two years ago – you were saying ? When your gums first started bleeding. And shaking. And hurting ?  We could have saved your teeth. All of them. Now you got a condition that will need more doctors than just me, my dear girl. You will need some very good Cardiologists and .. yes, the mouth IS the doorway to the rest of you… and you my dear child let some very nasty disease just walk right thru’ to your heart. To your Liver. To your kidneys. Why are you shaking ?

I tried to speak.  ” Wh – uh  ghuh Jixxxzhiasdhe … D-d0c- tttt…?”

” Excuse me, my dear ?”

“Are you going to give me another of those injections ?”

” Sweetie, I’m going to have to remove 15 teeth of yours. It will save you from things I do NOT wish your unborn child to hear, or know about later. Heart disease for one thing. Infections and sufferings of the blood. Bone disasters and jaw trauma. “

My own work, created from a GFDL image

” What jaw trauma?”

” Never mind.”

His face was still kind, but he was getting closer, closer closer, the magnified eye, larger, larger,larger, till it was so close I could see his eye lashes strung with worry. The Light he wore in his forehead shone like an angry Sun, and I fainted so hard I hit my head on the floor…and woke up with a bang.

THAT was a dream ?

Okay. Even nightmares have a mission. Never take them for granted. And the Dentist. And when those gums go bleedy. And for pity’s sakes brush teeth. Twice a day – thrice! What d’you lose…

You’re asking me the moral of this ? The tooth of the matter is, DON’T WAIT FOR THOSE NASTY SYMPTOMS : junk the junk food, eat on time,  stay clean, inside out.And get a good Tooth Doctor.

I got Gate. Doc. Col.Gate 

Got to go… brush. 🙂




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3 responses to “THE TOOTH OF THE MATTER

  1. InnerDialect

    :)))Malini – glad some one got into my nightmare – thank you for kind comment. We do have one great dentist friend, and he’s no nightmare.. the trick I guess is, to never ask an appointment when its too late for anything except an extraction… :(((

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  3. Whoa, I almost thought all that was true and was horrified, just when the bubble burst! Thank God, that’s not real. And that was one rocking post! Good luck for the contest.

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