“.. knocking on heaven’s door “


Does one know they are going to be a world musical  Legend ? ( He knew)


English: bob dylan

English: bob dylan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(If you know something as fragile as that, you do NOT put it out there, where people can kill it. BOB DYLAN,  a cultural and political. a voice of his generation, though he only saw himself as a musician. They thought that way because they did not ” hear his songs”).



” Public opinion  does not know the person you really are inside, where no one sees you – the only person you care about lying to, is yourself, and God..”



BOBDYLAN. ” The funny thing about fame, is that no body believes its you.” ( But I made a bargain with the Chief of all, the One in this world and the world we cannot see..)






Sent in by a good friend on Lyrix & Life  :  http://youtu.be/-DeNCm-nxgk




Bob-Dylan_Mainz-21 (Photo credit: ingoism)


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