TAKING DREAMS TO DOORSTEPS Apollo Vision ’Touch a Billion Lives

“IT IS THE AGE OF THE PATIENT  didn’t you know ? ” He asks, eyes twinkling. “ .. The human Body is FANTASTIC . Now we have Robo – Docs and …”

  Okay, few things I know. We each have  206 bones, cells that can run around the equator, senses unparalleled in any other species, the Emo-quotient that gifts us tears, 45 miles of nerves running thru’ our body,not forgetting that amazing muscle called the human mind. Just that I had not known what Medical research had been upto while I was getting a life and other symptoms of growing illhealth …

and what is Robot Doc ?

Mr. Khanna has his own way with words and surgeries. ” Only hurts when I laugh,” he replies. The man is getting younger with time. He and his nice wife and sons & friends all over the globe.

” Are you telling me, you nice girl, you haven’t heard of PET- Suite. CyberKnives ?”

”  Where ? ” I ask, looking suspiciously around his swank apartment.

Stem Cells ?”

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery

Uh, I know. New Age Medical words. I nod politely. Mr. Khanna, my husband’s ex boss and friend,  has had more surgeries than anyone should in one life time. He has lived in Minicoy Islands and Venice, Gujarat and here ; has had cancer, fell off a mountain ( Mahabaleshwar), was bitten by dogs thrice in Delhi. He is 70 years old, too old for Minimally Invasive Coronary Artery Surgery ? Not by his standards. He came home from hospital six months ago, literally chirpy. Was the best thing that happened to him he says. These visits to the hospital. These surgeries.Not just for him. For all. This is the best century, the best time to be a doctor or a patient.

We visited him with a box of fruit and soup. He yawned and asked me to sit down. “Relax” he said.

I tried. My head was hurting, there was that unfinished Adhaar business, load shedding, water cuts. Transport to colleges/ schools for the kids was getting to be a problem larger than life. Then now, Rapists and head -on colliders in traffic lanes that used to be so nice a few years ago.

Mr Khanna looked at me carefully then suggested an annual check up. It was the last thing I wanted to hear, but there he was, Ambassador of Good health and Prevention of Disease. All he needed was a Stethoscope and white coat. Not that I dislike Doctors. I love them, after we ‘ve finished treatment and come home. Mr Khanna  was sitting tall in his high backed chair and handing me some phone numbers.

      • ” Lakshman  you know ? Birmingham Hip  ?He’s  had that. ”

        Birmingham Hip Replacement

        Birmingham Hip Replacement

      • The twinkle in his eye is sharp.In the past decade he’s had Gastro-jeginostomy, cataract surgery, IOL, a hernia operation,Prostrate gland Op.,yes, the Cancer that went away ,Novalis TX, a million scans I guess and now he’s homesick for the care they render.  What’s this a health Spa ?

” Yes! The Kids doing awesome after Transplants. Mind boggling !”

Bone Marrow Transplant

Infertility Treatment

Infertility Care

I try to get up, but he’s talking about Bonding with your Doc.

” Last year ? Two Babies I delivered, via THIS ! My sons’ cousins family. In Kolkotta. Told them about it!” 

Okay. I was grinning wide.

Get your BP checked my girl. Even an annual total tour ..”

MRI-HIFU – Non-Surgical treatment of Uterine Fibroids

” Tour ?”

Oh a check up. It’s a good time to be a patient. They even save your hand if its cut off or…”

Hand Microsurgery

“WHAT ?”

” Hmm. You know what happened to Mansi at the Office ? Her hand was as good as new. MICRO !!! It’s the best decade to fall ill. Technology has brought home many simple facts. Everything is online for you to check out. Even Insurance forms. Consultations. Queries. Browse Apollo Hospitals.  I know some nice people there. Next week am scheduled for a follow up. What’s happened is a few of us ex-patients have started this FB group and two Docs have joined in. We’re having a Chai- Samosa and Paintings exhibition. One of the boys is a Musician…”

”  One of the boys … ?”

Ha, the one who had the kidney transplant. I didn’t tell you ..?”

He laughs at the way am looking at his samosa.  ” Aarey, my Doc, told me how to cook this. Diet isn’t such a devil, my girl. Forget the past. There are new ways of doing old things. My son ? Just like you. Scared to even go for a check up. You know what happened ?”

I had to know, by now I was committed.

One day my son and his wife wanted to do something about their face or eyes desperately’ he said to me. Mr Khanna was quiet and happy. “They had Cosmetic Surgery, and love Hospitals now !  Not just vanity. He had a problem with his jaw. Never mind. She had these dark patches on face. Not life threatening, but preventive.So. What d’you say? When are you going for your annual follow- up check ?  What are you scared of ? “

Request Information

Mr Khanna with all his experience in surgery suddenly sounds like a Surgeon.I am converted – from Fear to a new love for the world of Medicine.

For more, read here :  MINISTRY OF HOPE




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10 responses to “‘… AND THIS IS THE BEST AGE TO FALL ILL ‘ ?

  1. InnerDialect

    Rihaansh … for more of that follow link to MINISTRY OF HOPE

  2. InnerDialect

    Thank you. I didn’t think I could write this sensibly unless it got down to earth domestic and where it goes OUCH … :))

  3. InnerDialect

    Yes, I used the words Ministry of Hope … finally thats what we all need, na ? The fight to survive, and live well. Must say, am deeply impressed by the way you and Jaya handled the challenge you had. I never talked much about it last year, but it always always struck me deep, your strength. And look at him, smiling bright and back to work. These are our heroes. Families like yours.

  4. excellent rayla. ministry of hope????? yes ur right. me too have one here, who feels home sick for their food. can u imagine? tried my level best to change his taste buds with my cooking. but nope….. not successful.

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  6. InnerDialect

    … going on 17 :)))

  7. InnerDialect

    :)))))))) thank you, this one was for real… Mr Khanna is based on my dad … 89 and 12 surgeries and still going…

  8. nice post !! best of luck for the contest !

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