A beautiful woman and human being : Thelma Samuel

Silk Painting. Thelma Samuel

Thelma Samuel


An Artist & an Inspiration to those of us who may not realise our Latent wealth.

 Thelma paints in oil, Silk fabric,Mosaic. Works Ceramic. Her National Painting Award, at age 15, ” Silent night” may have been the first impression of Latent Skills in Art. She moved on to be an English Lecturer, in India and in Muscat Oman, among a strata of Social Groups, Kids, older staff workers in the Palace and Medical College/School : teaching conversation skills among young girls who have much to ask/say. She lives/works  in Oman with her husband and two sons. Yesterday we talked about Paints and recent sales. Am moved by her brilliance as an Expressionist and as a  human being  ..and am inspired to start painting myself, after a long break !

Excerpts :

TS  :  “… I call this Painting (below) ‘Centre of the Universe” .  My cook sees a pot ( laughs). For me it’s a baby – the woman holds a baby in her arms. I like what you wrote, ‘ the woman holds a mirror, it reflects her mind.. the spirit of a woman, and a human being…”


” I’ve painted in Silk (above) its a fantastic medium. The colours flow, and people like it, but that one am not selling. Yes, sure am working on a ” collection’ haha, but many miles to go. Two of what I sent in for this weeks’ exhibition sold ! Am thrilled!”

” My dream is to set up a space .. gallery..  where we can sell these things, and it’s not just about sales. These are things of the heart. I didn’t know I could or would paint again, after all this time. Falling in love, Marriage, life, kids, their schools, colleges, now they are in Australia, their dreams and lives.  A woman can get caught up in everything ! Then suddenly one day you get a call… ” NEED FOUR PAINTINGS  BY THE WEEK ! OH I SAT  UP AND FINISHED WHAT I COULD AND  SEE!  You’ve got to have a need, a deadline… then people like me just get off their butt and work…. “

I LOVE HER HUMOR, her beautiful spirit that has inspired me all these years. I should know. She’ s my sister. I’ve included here, without her permission, Thelma” poetry from what I remember:

SILENCE:  …is what you hear when the world slumbers, when man-made non-sensities, stop their eternal racket.

When Man, his day’s duty done, seeks consolation, in God’s tranquil night; and lays his head on the barren earth.Where he finds solace, that no drug, no tranquilizer,can render…

SAMS’ KITCHEN. Thel’s ceramics. I thought they had picked it up in some travel someplace on the globe, but ‘ NO RAY< I Made that! ”  I should have guessed. SAM is her Hearth!




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7 responses to “A beautiful woman and human being : Thelma Samuel

  1. verry nice- love her work and esp that li’l ceramic “Sam’s kitchen” curio…

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  3. A great post…… Such wonderful creations…….

  4. InnerDialect

    Thank you Veronica : ))) No place like Creativity and you continue to inspire…

  5. What a lovely article. Your talent truly shines and is an inspiration that creativity will always reign as a positive.

  6. Ray, when I read the write-up, i thought to myself “this is how it must feel to be famous”!!!!!
    Thank u for seeing in me what I don’t recognize. I love you for the guts you have to put it up! I love you for accepting me as an artist,writer human being …….for ,all these we all actually are but don’t see it. You were and always will be a fantastically fabulous, super modest artist,

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