‘Lighten up, seriously ….’

Love is being stupid together
Love is being stupid together (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Has taken me a few years to really understand John Fears’ words as we said bye to each other, Schipol airport. I never met him again, and I can say here if there was one person that really influenced the way I wrote/write it is this amazing man who Aired WhatTheyBelieve once every week BBC.

“Lighten up darling Stupid..”  the very words. It sounded strange coming from him with his very British face and blue eyes, shock of white hair and scrutiny at my work that … phew… terrified me at that time.

I saw this Pic here on the net, and remembered this brilliant human being who could be serious and funny at the same time.

” Do not be result oriented all the time, it takes a life time to know the extent of your harvest.”

Big words, and I did not like it all. I am rash and impulsive – need approval and grades. JF was  built for Marathons.

The second thing he taught me was this. Lighten  up, seriously.

John, I miss you. He was a good two decades older than me, and I was 23 then. ” Call me John, can’t you ? I’m not your uncle. I’m Not your mothers’ brother. What’s this Indian thing you dear people have. Uncle!”

Takes a while to get used to different things, uh. I’m saying it here, cuz am ‘ lightening up,’ and seriously missing you.




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