“Palace” on little wheels


“Once upon a time…it was luxury creating mouthwatering delicacies as and when..! Kitchens of India.Nowadays, in the age of demanding lifestyles, it is .. hard to .. cook up something appetizing at will. .”Precisely why, ITC Kitchens of India has come to the rescue …
Your Cyber Kitchen
Great Indian Food, Just a Click Away

 Maya  and I shopped at Bangalore‘s ITC Outlet MG Rd., planning this SURPRISE  & COMFORT FOOD PARTY  for our neighbours The Kumars : Saturday night. I hope this works. They lost their little ‘ cart’  restaurant  to a large Mall : this is our gesture to make them want to start over.  So:

We got a Mini van, the one Maya’s uncle does not use now( used to be a mobile library). No, we cannot cook as well as our neighbours, nor have the time but there’s our Secret , a well Preserved  secret –  easy to do in minutes, and  taste like Palace fare :

Cuisine in Indian household

Cuisine in Indian household

 Kitchens of India  – ready to cook and serve- master chef’s pick !  +Dal-bukhara /rice-dosa/navratan-korma ( getting spoilt for choice at  this Aashirwaad link)


 ( Plenty na ? But how else to impress the Kumars into business ? Maybe small servings of each, is what we can handle: )

kitchens of india

 Chettinad, South Indian)    + Dal-bukhara /rice-dosa/navratan-korma*

ChickenChet ( south Indian fare ribbed – curry leaf garnish)

Mirch-nawab   ( red gravy and traditional cuisine)

Methi Chicken   ( dry or sauced  ). 

Paneer-darbari ( cottage cheese in delish tomatoes)

Cottage fresh – makhani(with Naan/Indian Breads)


Mutton-kolhapuri-spiced ! ( love with Rice, plain/ & Curd)

Sauces of India & Dessert !

Gourmet Gifts - Halwas 2 Pack

Gourmet Gifts – Halwas 2 Pack


With accessories : Raitha, Salads, Rices, cold veg/ non veg salads  Indian breads,Chaats…  Pav Bhaji

One could make this also a whole Table spread Gourmet style, and it would taste as tantalising. The curries turn out authentic ‘ Dum”, Dharbari, Dakshin and Delicious. Flirting with senses, literally, turning nervous cooks like me into Sassy Chefs in minutes.

(If my friend sings ” KOI mil gaya..” one more time, I’ll thunk her with her apron 🙂  but she’s sweet, my friend Maya with the uncle who lent us his van. Am hoping this will be a good surprise dinner and inspire our neighbours  to think ” Palace”  even if it’s on uncle’s  wheels for starters).

I do have another ‘ day’ coming up for a mixed marriage event, but the very SAME MENU AS HERE- and I thought this was just about writing a Post (happy sigh, you’d think I was this great Gourmet cook, na ? But KOI is fun, and I get away with a nice change from 9-5 -9 living !) Our Great Big Indian Kitchens sure turn out to be Chef of Hearts : click on ‘Chef ‘here for typical Gourmet mixed marriage hungamma 🙂

Thank you Kitchens of India for being there. Yeah you’re good to Paupers and Kings  ! 

Mango Saffron Conserve

Mango Saffron Preserve : it lingers

( Love KOI’s   Gifts,“ and  Offers. ” Mango Chutney” is going to be their Fav ! They are Chutney/Pickle people, our Kumars.  If this evening goes well, maybe  they will think of a Chef of Hearts  event  later.

Hey, writing a Post  for KOI turns into something like this ?  Recipes for Life; thank you  Kitchens of India  host   “CHEF … ” ( read on ..)

Royal Treat !

Taj Mahal, Agra, India. Deutsch: Taj Mahal im ...

Taj Mahal Agra

Gopalpur on sea

Indian village

Chef of Hearts (raeindia.wordpress.com)



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7 responses to ““Palace” on little wheels

  1. Interesting read…All the best for the contest. 🙂

    • InnerDialect

      Hey I just saw this comment – sorry and thank you for reading… had such fun with this, almost forgot it was for a contest! No place like food, uh…

  2. Ha ha! The title of the post is so apt! Good luck for the contest Rayla!

  3. Pingback: CHEF OF HEARTS | Lyrix & Life

  4. InnerDialect

    Thank you so much – I’ve just realised, having written this post, I love writing about food ….

  5. Mouthwatering dishes……….. My best wishes for the contest…………….

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