Rivers do not write books, but they..

Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes, France

Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes, France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Talking to Gopa Chandni is like running with a river that never runs dry. She is no great personality in the News or in Cannes, or anywhere near publicity. Gopa feeds stray cats and pigeons and dogs, ants, and also people. She is a Poet of the highest order and will not entertain any further mention so I have changed her name and cannot post a picture – also, she is mixed race and probably from everywhere on earth! Her eyes though are deep black wells of granite and tender,whatever that means. It is what I think when I see her face, and wish I were a little more like her. Seasoned.Ready. Her words are blunt and slow. Razors with a purpose. She talks about Casteism and people who live life off the streets –

I wish she would either talk out loud and stop feeding just the cats and people. With her dare, she should be out there. What stops her ? Is there a Lost love ? Disappointment ? Did some thing scare her away ? She has not lost it, not lost nerve, or spunk. When you talk to Gopa it is like she is about to write a Book.

Yes, she is a Stream in the Desert. A book in herself.

It’s what she said to me : ” We are all books, and people read us all the time! Why go and write something and spoil it ?”

Rivers just run. They do not stop to write – except leave their footprints in the sands…

Amazing Photos

Uluru Waterfalls, Australia.



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2 responses to “Rivers do not write books, but they..

  1. Some truly superb posts on this website , thanks for contribution.

  2. amused I feel reading this post !! Indeed we are just books .. and we are read .. no matter we want it or not .. so whats the point writing and spoiling it .. what we miss today in most of us is Gopa !
    Loved the photo graph !! Apt to the post !!

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