#Poetry ‘Sing of Our Love Again’ by Fiza Pathan


Sing Of Our Love Again

by FizaPathan









Why did you go away,

Why did you not abide in the land of my musical notations,

Why did you have to die?

Now that I am alone, this musician cannot set a soothing tune to our old lute.

Since you are no more dear one, I have been unplugged from reality.

The strings of the violin now no longer beckons me by its warmest cries,

The viola lies within the dust of your afterlife.

Sing I can’t for the choke of your parting clutches my throat while I am humming my soul to the crowd.

Your skeleton calls out to me, to play your empty ribs like a harp.

Skillfully your voice blows to me a chord in the wind on this hot summer’s brow.

In this world there is no one who can…

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