When Professionals ‘doodle’ ..

Like it or not, we leave prints, heart prints. Impressions of the way we Live our Lives
                                                                                                                          SAMUEL DHANRAJ OmanTel-Senior Systems Expert-Telcoms. When people of an opposite, intellectual stream stop to  doodle they may be doing just that, doodling. Or are they ? Are these really spontaneous little lines, not meaning to go any place? Maybe not. Maybe they are the real thing, and  a relief from the rest of us die-hard art-mongers …
With a Doodle, one  says everything when he says nothing. Here, Silence split  Its sides with a Laughter we are all dying to laugh :   a Doodle called the GRIN :

Just  a Doodle ? ( Original idea reproduced,framed)

The  Doodle here  asks nothing of you. It just is.

Perhaps it is Atlas Shrugging*.  Is it Spunk &  Peace- equal twins of an Earth swiftly forgetting to remember, we are best when we are like this – smiling? Nah, Grinning, at  Life,  at Death and at the   Grateful Dead returning with hallelujah busted lips .Yep. Grinning at all the  rest of us , from Renaissance forwards-backwards, sideways ;

Samuel Dhanraj,OMANTel

it is the face of  a young man who began life as a son, a brother : who rose above every odd and rode that wave, as an unconfessed musician and a reluctant saint,who could ( Quote his sister**)  without a second thought give away the shirt he was wearing, to a half-naked homeless man in the streets of Bangalore.

**( one of three amazing sisters , each a strong influence in society, both home and abroad).

Samuel Dhanraj  wanted to be Doctor, but would go further. There was  Love and marriage, three strapping sons, ( the first would move on at age 5 days, to that other world we do not see yet…);   18 years as an NRI in Oman, etched between growing family and friends, breathing, living, balancing it all in these- the most challenging Decades the Earth has ever known.

Last night we briefly spoke, and he is a man of few words – so I asked his wife ( my sister  Thelma Samuel ), if she would send me more details about this Doodle, they  also call the  ” Lopsided Grin “..… because ?

I hear them laughing ..”because don’t you think it is Lopsided  ? ” 

Am laughing too. To me it is  the Left brain grinning at the right. Creativity out-sourcing Logic. Vice versa. Modern Man grinning back at Life. This is no  chubby-sweet simper( apologies Mona Lisa). It shrugs at  pretense and pretty pouts, created by a  person who calls himself ‘an ordinary man’ .

I live in a little world of kids,and a few verses. Often I try to paint, or write about people who truly inspire me. The older I grow the more I am startled  by brilliance. Baffled by it. By people who are the best of both worlds ,downright good professionals , living lives we will never meet, unless Life grants us that favour.

Am deeply honored to write this post.Thank you God, for not just Talent & Good will, but for all your Good Men who without even realizing it, teach us how to smile.

PhotoThe Samuels - more than our family, they are AWESAM Friends !
                                                                                                The Samuels  
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