Chances are

Chances are, we will never  really understand one another.

Your house, my lane, your god, my altars are myriad, and yet

the rivers tell a story, running thru’ our miles, indifferent

to human greed and creed –

like blood types.

Rivers, trees and skies,

are like common back yards

like shared cousins we have not met, yet.

Like Photographs, and verse,

our stories

our songs

so infernally alike,

even if

we say we

aren’t, we

are, aren’t we ?

(PicourtesyScott N. LoveallInnerSongs

‘Pondering’ InfraRed B&W.InnerSongs – Scott N. Loveall





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2 responses to “Chances are

  1. This was a lovely reflective verse. ~S

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