The mannequins of Mumbai

urban bourbon




Monsoon lashes out
East Andheri soaked
Upturned umbrella
Spikes angrily
At outpouring heaven

Kaali-peeli taxi wala
nursing cut glass chai
Dark deluge, red tail lights
mannequins unfazed


Banned and drenched
runs across the street
Knocks at taxi window
For shelter, warmth, ride

Dissolves at car door
Plaster of Paris


  1. Mumbai municipality has proposed a ban on lingerie clad store-display mannequins. As the fierce monsoon unleashed it’s fury today, I visualize a mannequin looking for shelter after it has been banished from being a store-display model

  3. Sex is not the ultimate prize when it can get you thrown out of the group. Despite all those hormones running amok in my friend Casanova [a male monkey], he was able to keep his head and think about the consequences. Even a monkey has the power to overcome his hormones.– Kayt Sukel in “This Is…

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5 responses to “The mannequins of Mumbai

  1. petervas

    These are quick wins for the BMC, with zero impact on the crisis prevention issue that needs to be addressed on a war footing!

  2. How absurd.
    Violence issues among the men in question coupled with a cultured of tolerance and acceptance of such behavior is the root. Not something as transparent as bras and panties on mannequins or even in fashion shows or catalogs. Nothing but a cheap distraction from the the deeper problems involved.

    • InnerDialect

      ” The deeper problems involved” are a maze within a maze and referred to only in tangent issues like these . I daren’t try even to begin answering this one. All one can hope is for a sensible governance that simultaneously addresses all sections of society with one set of rules. Am thinking, they succeeded with so many issues – India has come such a long way – there are the most stringent traffic rules for things like License and Tax payers and non helmet wearers….
      we can do this, without forever blaming it on women and their clothing. I do not understand little babies getting raped, nor someone hurting their own family member. These are lunatics and … oh I best shut up for now..

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