What influences me …

I believe art is not only a way of expression but it’s also a form of enlightenment and knowledge. People influence me most and they are my muse. PUBALI

Two days ago, I got mail, asking if I would check out this Link by an amazing artist PUBALI. Took 2 seconds to love her paintings and the ambience on her Page, but  what I loved was her line “… people influence me..”

Say ?

Don’t they ?

Good bad or ugly. Beautiful. Or between. People, and all they bring with them, do influence our thoughts. We are 40 % genetically meshed, 60% environmentally grown – quite a statistic there, right.

Thank you Pubali for doing what you do and meeting this Space. ” Enlightenment & Knowledge ”  are books with no last pages. It is a Yard  with no back wall and gate. It grows and goes beyond what the eye can see and what we conceive deep within. Life is a search, a journey. Everyday a brand new venture, which is why I believe we can have a blue print, but there is a larger network we walk in. We have ideas that are invisibly chatting up others’.

It is scary, and beautiful. Am thrilled and terrified of being influenced too much, or too little.

Wisdom. Where do I find you …




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2 responses to “What influences me …

  1. InnerDialect

    🙂 I hopeshe sees this one…

  2. Ranel Kumar Das

    She is a Book with no last page…..
    She has a Yard…..
    But there isnt any Yardstick to measure it…….
    God bless her always…..

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