Gift from the Nile



1,000,000 PicturesLocated in France, created by Bruno Catalano

We lived years and years of childhood by the sea – for me it was always associated with travel and suitcases, boxes, little bags, water bottles and picnics. Storms too, rough seas and times that were transient.

You see sculpture like this one and if you look close, and if you have history by the sea, you return to a part of you, that lives with the tide. That piece of you that turned into a season, called Tide. You left, you returned. A Transient piece of you : its only permanence is that it changes.

DANIEL RUSSELL : Gift from the Nile

I love the part of me that is vulnerable to season and change, this piece of me that will age and grow up and older till the skin of me becomes the million seasons I have lived and died and rose again. Like when my friend Daniel R (FB artist friend) suddenly stopped comments and ‘ moved on’. That was hard, he was one of those that made FB a friendly place for me and told me I should paint. Well, he became very quiet and then disappeared -and I have a tearless place inside that cannot weep for one I never really knew personally thru’ this transient space called the cyber world, where lives  hold each others’ attention for a little while. ” Hello!” ” I LIKE!” ” Hey” ” Sending you a hug”… ” Happy Birthday”…

am speechless for a condolence message, here there is no condoning, there is that permanent invisible thing we might tend to call a Knowing. What do you call it ? A touching of Life – a conversation that flitted thru’ and remains.

Daniel Russell, you remind of me the sea you always will .  And it feels an honour to have ever even glimpsed  at your versions of the sea, the Nile,  even if we were on opposite sides of the earth and never spoke beyond the cordiality. Thank you Daniel, for ever being there.


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  1. I’m always sad when friends go and leave holes behind. They have their reasons, though. You are still you, and your magic hasn’t left you.

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