Meet my Unicorn

English: Postcard by Matorin Nikolay Vasilyevi...

English: Postcard by Matorin Nikolay Vasilyevich. The character from a Russian fairy tale Русский: Мальчик-с-пальчик (открытка) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At a very young age, I was diagnosed with this condition, and it never left me in peace. If you have it too, consider yourself blessed. Some call us delusional, insane idiots who read nonsense and fairy tale into the littlest events like dust. That is exactly how dust fairies were born. Or Spider man and Peter Pan and maybe Spielberg. Though ‘ delusional’ can hurt people I guess. “Creative imagination” can bless, within limits.

Today after much thought I realised am an utterly insane writer of fun fiction : I’ve written about Pestonji the Rat and some wild tales that got published when I was not really bothered about publishing. Now am all serious and bothered about looking good and sitting careful. I don’t mean we should sit careless. Am just wondering , if, somewhere all the way, I’ve gotten a wee bit too conscious, of people. Of opinion. Of sobriety. Somewhere I left my unicorn out to dry and lost him.

Am going to get him and all the others back where they belong. Thank you Marla for provoking me to be funny again. Yes. Yes. YES> Humour is irreplaceable – I hope I find him again. ( It’s an him? Has Gender ? No, na? It’s a her ? Ah. It’s a  ‘them’.  Humour is a whole tribe ! )

English: Postcard. The character from a Russia...

English: Postcard. The character from a Russian fairy tale Русский: Сивка-бурка (с открытки) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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17 responses to “Meet my Unicorn

  1. InnerDialect

    AYyyy ‘ let him out to playyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

  2. I should have been diagnosed “delusional” also when I was a child but before they got a chance I sold my soul to them and adopted a veneer that I’m only now trying to discard. But even then, after adopting that veneer, the “delusional” dimension was still with me and just didn’t have to courage to “let him out to play.” And, “play” is the word as it is merely a world of fantasy and fancy and it is so important to tippy-toe in there occasionally and frolic about.

  3. I would like to meet you girl. Your story really pinched me hard. Go ahead rayla and make best out of you show what you have

  4. Humour is certainly irreplaceable. A pinch of which can change your life, imagine a life handful of it 🙂

    The world belongs to the dreamers..go ahead Rayla…make the best of it 🙂

  5. I hope you ride your unicorn to a better place where people don’t call imagination delusion.

    • InnerDialect

      But see, when your unicorn gets famous, people want a ride, life’s that boring…. last week I met someone who told me what a strange creature I was to write a poem about a coolie ( I must post it)… Ray do not glorify poverty. Something like that. Now I do not want to ride my unicorn anyplace else, but right here where we have gotten so blind to Life, it all its status…

      • Someone is always ready to tell us what to write or how to write it. How we’ve made this and that mistake. We can’t let it turn off our own voices. You sound like you are already past that hurdle yourself. It’s something I struggle with. Don’t we all?

      • InnerDialect

        No hardly past it. Just this afternoon I got hit by a so called ‘ friend’ about ” exaggerating about ever single thing..” and try as I might not to notice the words that followed, I do feel sick. There was no need for him to get all that upset by my little verse here and there… I mean are we contending for a Booker prize or something ? So, no – I’m struggling, not against people, but my own vulnerability to caustic words meant to stop a person’s natural. Yes Yes YES ” We can’t let it turn off our voices..” and yet that’s the professional hazard of doing words. People have the right to read you, comment. When one writes, it is for view. That’s the dangerous bit.If one can hold their horse, ride it and ride it well and over every hurdle, the hurdle itself is the advantage…

      • Seeing the hurdles as advantages is a great attitude. Finding supportive voices is so important in our work. I’m listening. Exaggerate all you want. I like exaggeration — it’s a great metaphor and a logical way of spinning things out and seeing where they are heading. If you don’t know where you are heading, then you are lost. It’s not to everyone’s taste. Some people prefer only to dwell on where they are or where they were. I like to look forward, too.

  6. I hear you. People call me Dreamer because I’m often pass them right by, my eyes focus on infinity. But I’d rather be a dreamer than have a vapid, boring non-imagination

  7. Thank you dear for mentioning my post in this beautiful article.Very well said Creative imagination” can bless. May these blessings keep showering on dreamers like us.

    • InnerDialect

      Yamini : Thank you. my pleasure. Pleased to meet you Dreamee 🙂 What’d life be without the colours we contribute uh.

  8. Very nice ! Isnt it true that success comes to you when you least expect it and stays out of reach when you are dying for it 🙂

    • InnerDialect

      Yayy 🙂 but then again, define success. Is it short term, long term, short sight, bird’s eye view ? Ergghhh…. but now I can grin back at it. Contentment I guess. A certain peaceful ability to laugh at oneself too…

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