Hey do you believe dreams ?

World of Illusion

World of Illusion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jaki and I were friends in a casual way till after the Mumbai riots and we were not as confident about travelling late. Of course at home, we got our first kid and Jaki was getting married. So, years later we met after a brief visit to Jehangir Art Gallery and muttering about how we could paint better any day than the exhibited artists, the only hitch being we were poor sales women and had no knowledge of how to sell a painting.

We were having coffee and something, and I cannot remember why we talked about Dream Analysis, Freud all that –  but around this time, I had this mega mega dream and seeing this ( Below – of flower – sea )Pic here on the Net, just refreshed the memory.

In the dream : my husband, new baby and I were in some sort of square palanquin-ish boat, at sea. Here’s the detail. You could see no water. Every bit of blue was covered by Tulips. Tulips close up, and receding, in every direction, into the distant horizon, their brilliant and lesser hues melting into the horizon. The dream went on and on and on, like a long journey in acres of ocean-tulips.  It was like an exotic painting.

When I told Jaki, she insisted that I was a lactating new mom and high on mama-hormones – that I would crash into shore soon. ( Jaki is a realist and does not believe in anything other than what is visible in front of your nose. As close as that. Touchable, pushable).

But listen to this  ; the next time we met, at Lokhandwala, my home, Jaki said she had had a dream. She took a while to tell me, and when she did, I went cold. My scalp prickled and I ran for some potato chips and sauce. It’s what we ate when troubled, and I do believe potato chips and sauce are healers, no matter what they say. So, we sat there gazing at the palm tree and swung our feet like little girls and scraped at the shared plate with generous splash of sauce and polished every last chip before leaning back and trying to sort this out. Jaki’s dream.

In the dream she was also in  the  tulip ocean but without any palanquinish boat or husband or baby.  She was in a coffin. The coffin had Mickey mouse and Donald duck painted all over its sides, and Jaki was in it, tears of laughter rolling down her cheeks – in the dream. She had been married 2 years and longed for achild now, with her advertising agency going good she did not need to go any place 9-5, and she wanted a baby.

I rubbished the dream ofcourse and reminded her we were not dream analysts in the first place – that to pay too much attention to this would ruin our day, wouldn’t it ? However this coffin business rankled and try as we might, the whole thing about babies and the dream and her longing for one, never left.

Years later, Jaki still had no kid, and there was the incident of a cousin’s death and no one to bring up little ” Shika” as they called the infant. Jaki and her husband after enough counsel, took ” Shika” in as their own, and so much joy followed, a peace even. And it was such a strange – fantastic thing to watch, because though we never really discussed it again, we never forgot the Tulip-Sea and the images with it.

I have Jaki’s permission to post this, she is a proud mommy and they never regretted the decision they took when cousin Hem. passed away like that.  Which still leaves me wondering about the significance of dreams. Do they arrive to tell us things – or do we do things that they make us feel in our sub conscious…

There really is so much we do not know, uh.

” flower ocean…Pic from the Net



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11 responses to “Hey do you believe dreams ?

  1. I hear you, and at the risk of being called a dreamer, I must say I have always felt that dreams are just moments waiting to be true.

  2. InnerDialect

    Ya who will fry their bhendis and everything! But they are fantastic cooks too, and I must confess I’m a thoroughly pampered Ma &wife. Check with my sister & bro in law whose articles I have on this blog.
    How I manage ? Great question and will take a lot of answers. I don’t know much so that’s why I pray this much. Worked till I got kids and love home, Love plants and animals; dislike too much domesticity enough to stay writing and sketching. The years in Mumbai taught me about new places and change, illness ( 3 years), babies, challenges and some amt of slum work. Am blessed with a very creative set of parents/ who at this age still are great thinkers and humorists. We grew up with simple things, in villages and remote areas/ nature was the hand of God, telling us Life was ours to touch, sample, take, give away.

    Husband – is a kid and a man. I say man-cub with no disrespect to men, cuz they carry so much on their shoulders, yet need room to grow, at every stage. I feel women mature faster and can feel superior. Men are adventurers and if they are not given space, they will either rebel or die quietly. Yes so Noel ? He gives me free reign and I’m such a bundle of hyperactivity sometimes, Actually you should ask my fam how they put up with me. I would LOVE A travel writers ‘ job, but heres the trouble, am actually very shy in person and scared of crossing the street. Now who will ever risk giving me such a job. 🙂

  3. Beautiful post and picture. If the dreams are so wonderful indeed the thoughts that dominate mind must also be the same. Loved the picture. Vibrant colors look very nice 🙂

    • InnerDialect

      HeYamini, thank you, yes I love these pictures too – vibrance reflects mood and emotes where our words fail. Which is why people paint. Or sing, for that matter. Or dream to, :)))))

  4. dreams are amalgamation of past present future thoughts in the subconscious mind which is lot stronger than our conscious self !! if we can control the sub conscious we can control lot of happenings in our lives

    this is my third and last try to comment hopefully this goes through !

    • InnerDialect

      Whoa MySay … you can scare me right off my chair :)))))))) what d’you mean third and last comment? Hey I WAIT for comments, ‘k ? I could not reply last night, and most evenings, ‘cuz there’s my kids all over my hair. PLUS there’s dinner to fix and people to talk to. I Wish, og sigh, I wish I could stay at comp and write 24×7… am so sorry could not reply at once, but did upload your comment and few here though did not go to my other blogs. PL Jakc MYSAY do NOT go away in a huff, … about what you commented on dreams … ” dreams are an amalgamation of future thoughts ?” … what a profound sentence…

      • my dear friend Rayla,
        it was not your mistake .. its the WordPress which was playing tricks and would not allow me commenting.. i mean it would just show me a blank page 😦 hence i tried the third time .. I kind of warned wordpress that this is my third attempt .. allow me to comment on a wonderful post before i end up crashing a punch on my computer 😀

        I know what family life is dear friend .. and all the more you are a talented writer , a free dreamer and a very nice female at heart but not a pro-blogger who would sit throughout online to acknowledge comments hence I have no complains against you. 🙂 after all , I am a fan of your writing skills .. no matter what, I will come back on your blog looking for more,time and again !! 🙂

      • InnerDialect

        okayeeee you made my day… :)))) still laughing at you punchng comp. Hey WordPress, are you listening to this ? Don’t you blank our comments! Pro-blogger or no, we need our friends. Thank you for being here. If you must know, there’s a scramble for this Comp at home, cuz it has the best chair, nice air and is a free arm spot. Yes family life and all… 🙂 you make me want to write more about it… this family mine ? Last night, I had a fight too. Threatened to get a travel writers’ job and be away at least once a month! All this while frying bhendi ! My family they are very sweet really – they sat thru’ my storm wide eyed and worrying about my travel writers’ job, because here I am terrified of Bangalore traffic to start with. :)))))))) Hey J.MySay, have a nice day

      • hahaha.. travel writer’s job .. hahaha .. i think Mridula is if you know her (co-blogger) and I so much wish even my travels were paid for and some salaries given for doing what ideally everyone loves but only a few accomplish. 🙂

        to me you are already a travel writer who takes her readers to a new unexplored fantasy land marked in the maps of the planet called Creativity !

        Bechara family, they would have got worried now who will make the bhendis ?? 😀

        Would love to know how is it like to bring up three kiddos and I mean four ( even hubbys areone, normally 🙂 ) .

        You too have great day ahead with a bit of writing as well 🙂

  5. Wow nice read…loved the post.. 🙂

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