My new work : “Matrix Of Praise”

RNoel : This Sketch is inspired by all the Expressionists I meet and learn from at street corners and altars, esp. those in unlikely places.

The Matrix Of Praise . Pencil Sketch, 15″ x 11 ” RNoel

A sample of my  new line of paintings, this is a sketch am hoping to work on, in canvas.

Some  have seen thru’ my lines and interpreted things I never saw. It is mind-blowing what another can translate, from one’s stroke and colour choice, title and palette. I wonder what you see.

Confession : There are artists who plan and proceed. I could never/

Matrix – the very word fascinates me. Praise / Devotionals, is my way of life. For me the two belong in the same rooms. or ” Plane”. That Unseen Space of War & Peace.

I believe the words we speak deep inside, when no one else is listening, are Prayers. They are naked, shorn of pretense and structure. Unusual things happen when we speak there. But when we Praise, we change…

(This sketch  am likely to further detail on canvas. The Dark lines in this piece are more deep blue and magenta, but have come out as black). Not the same as the real thing, but here it is). 


JUNE  10th.

A friend just wrote in, asking if “Praise ” meant ‘ words of praise to each other – encouragement’. Though that is wonderful in itself, ” Praise ” here, for me, is Devotional, a spiritual term, used in songs of devotion, and in Thankfulness : for good received, a state of gratitude, in any circumstance. For me, this seems to  set me free of hurtful negatives.

I know this is a whole aspect here, and has provoked much debate. However, I sketched this one, because, being thankful, happy, grateful, frees me from the viciousness of Regret,Blame, Hate,Pain — all that. This has to be tried out to be  understood, not excluding the fact that, we  must face our problems, take positive steps, in the right direction.

Last evening we visited our friends who had lost both Father and a sister in recent road accident – the two girls and mother, including few relatives also travelling,have suffered grievous injury and will take months to even physically recover.  However, the youngest girl, 17, greeted us with a wide smile, ” So happy to see you..”

It made me say the next line : ” Ah Pree, am getting a job in this Hospital !”

She looked at me with wide eyes. ” What, say ?”

” Oh they’ve appointed me for Ward – Mischief”


” To play tricks on you. Hide you stuff… tickle your toes , so you heal fast ”

Pree grinned wide at me and said that she was never ever ticklish, not just because  her entire leg was in a cast with rods, and painkillers.

” What else would you.. uh do ? ” She asked her eyes twinkling.

” Oh jump at you when you visit the loo, hide under your bed and make scary noises…”

She hooted with laughter and I noticed how thin she had become. ” Please do get that job, what fun that would be,” she said, and I saw three other women look us all carefully over.

Insane idea actually, if your head hurts, if your jaw is wired and ribs fractured in such places they can’t even bind you up. Tough if you’re off college for a year and have to start over in a home without Dad and younger sister. I know Pree and her family have hidden their tears well, or just plain ran out of them. They are maybe achy to get back to the Life they once knew.

In a  few seconds, so much can change.

Then we got to change too.

The toughest call for me, has been, ” to change too”. Like when you’re riding a good horse. You yield. You trust anothers’ Footwork. They jump, you go too.

Sigh, No Rihaansh my friend, its not easy. Nothing that is powerful is ever easy. That much I know. The rest am trying hard to learn. Observe.

( contd.

Last night I committed suicide



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31 responses to “My new work : “Matrix Of Praise”

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  3. Wow!

    Woman on fire!!

    Brilliant work!!

  4. Mam, u are a real talent with the brush :O

    • InnerDialect

      In this case a pencil – and grateful for comment. I actually use old died out brushes and fingers, rags, knife… came from early years of just making art work with sand, post office glue and dried grass… ..I grew up in lighthouse compounds and even years later could not afford paints. It still is expensive for me – canvas – all that. But oh the joy of creating something out of a blank. This particular sketch came in 4 hours, inspired by a B/W detail of a dancers’ movement.

  5. vvpvijay


  6. Rat

    beautiful painting

  7. You my lady are just what the world needs, a supertalented woman with creativity in abundance. Loved the pic Rayla!

    • InnerDialect

      Thumbelina …thats super kind – now I see there is a thing far more powered than creativity and talent. The power of a human to touch anther with a good word. Strangers and often rivals on blog, anywhere. Am sure speechless here. I’ve seen very very close people stay away from encouraging each other, and I’ve seen utter strangers, reach out and cheer. Amazed. God bless you fabulous people…

  8. I’m a dope when it comes to understanding art but this painting truly deserves a lot more eyeballs. Keep up the great work Rayla!

    • InnerDialect

      Thank you :)Malini – am like a lil kid here, so happy to see who liked, who said what ! I tell you – encouragement is sure fire fuel…

  9. brilliant rayla….lovely painting. I admit am not so mature spiritually. but if prayer is nothing but talking deep with in I do pray..

    • InnerDialect

      I personally believe the spirit of a human being is constantly reaching for Love…. in his/her moment of death we will whisper the name of that Face of true love, till then we peer thru’ a maddeningly dark glass, na 🙂 … I speak, write from my own secrets… we speak, cry, reach, ache, need, bleed, beg.. when there is a crisis… in the truth of that moment I have first prayed. The beauty of that never left me, just slaked my thirst for more conversations, deep within. Which is why I guess, this Blog is called Innerdialects :))

  10. Oh, I like this very much. And I love what you said about words and prayer.

  11. That painting is very cool !

  12. InnerDialect

    Reblogged this on I N N E R D I A L E C T.

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