Waiting to Dance. Again.


Prisoner of Hope. Oil RN sold. ( This piece inspired by slum dwellers, Mumbai- the art classes we worked, and Pinky who succumbed to ill health)

Sometimes I am too shy to pray
But not today,
not after our Faces tore
and Skies brewed black ;

and Stars were smoked
& we stared like that.
So many million Poets
among carefree Corpses.

Sometimes I am too Still to dance
again, but not Today
not here like this :
the Night is young,

Its Song is pure;
Truant Words find their Cure,
when Broken Feet cross their Street,
unafraid. Unafraid.


(Written after Mumbai riots/Published PoesyIndia,ContemporaryPoets)RNoel).



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7 responses to “Waiting to Dance. Again.

  1. Let the night remain young for long.

    To keep our song pure among so many million poets – that’s an achievement. Kudos.

  2. vvpvijay

    Its difficult to infer which is more beautiful, your poem or the oil. I will go with the oil

  3. Kramer

    To write from the heart and soul is courage and you have so much of it . If all of us did, we would too. May be we would write like those who sing but can’t hold a tune 🙂 ‘Unafraid’? You are epitomize that.

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