Paintings I cannot sell

Street People, Mixed Media,RN

In the Original, this one sees more green and blue than the mellow tints here – it is not as pretty. More stark, almost cold. We ordered this canvas, a strange rectangle from the local Stationers’ at Four Bungalows – he looked me carefully over and then asked, ‘ Are you a serious artist, or just a student?”

The question never left me, ever. Β In this painting Β – over the years I kept re-touching my’ street people‘.. sometimes they wore these long heavy clothes, but they had begun with just very basic banians I think. Some looked better as women.. πŸ™‚ Their hair styles changed, their postures ; the shadows and lights, shifted…

My husband asked, ‘ Why can’t you just paint another Ray ? Don’t touch this one again..”

I’ve stopped now, but every time I look at this, it feels like a brick has fallen in that wall, or a pigeon has nested… a leaf turned, or someone is smiling, or moved.

Today I want to ask these people ( in painting) to please sit down, or what are you all standing around for, your feet must hurt.Β 

A friend of mine says, these are different poems, or chapters, one for each month of the year. For the first time, I counted them – hey they Are 12 ! … one is a child. I guess I’ll never really know the workings of my own mind – are there reasons dictated by the psyche ? Unsure.




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19 responses to “Paintings I cannot sell

  1. InnerDialect

    Oh MySay U And speechless ? What a National loss… :))))))))))

  2. left speechless !! I die to see thou art more !! πŸ™‚

  3. Vibrant!!
    It’s really nice.

    • InnerDialect

      Thank you so much for saying… I must do more of this then. Actually I do have one more people juststanding around… will upload

  4. It’s interesting that you kept adding things over time. How long did it take to reach it’s present state.

  5. Painting is really Awsome!

  6. pareshkale

    amazing painting !

  7. wonderful painting .. the title too complementing it πŸ™‚

  8. That’s a lovely painting!

  9. Wow..this is magnificent!!!

  10. There is movement in it. It is a dynamic work of art!

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