Did a series of these miniatures in watercolour for a person at a Centre for troubled people. She asked me for a few drawings please, Ray ?

I felt a momentary pause. There were times these creative gifts made you feel numb. Times you were not taken seriously at all, or too seriously. Times people treated you like the nerve centre of emotion. Or at least an auxillary office of That.

I nodded politely and stared at the three sheets of paper, hoping to draw some thing soothing for this nice lady, also a teacher at the centre. I knew this was going to be a Gift to her – what could I stash into it.

Here’s what followed(One of the series) , and she said she put it up in the staircase wall. I’ve never heard from her much, and we all moved.

I never spoke too much to her, except thru’ this medium. We exchanged smiles. Often, we can say the wrong thing – often the words just hang in there and are best left alone. I was there for my little son, as he tried to find his bearings in a world he could not visually see. In the hours as I waited for him, I volunteered to work in their art room in the thing I love best – PLAY.  I played with a few autistic kids and one very troubled teenager from Nimhans.  Long beautiful stories there that I posted on one of my blogs. See I found it easier to relate to kids, but the older ones, I could not locate bridges.

What I understood from these episodes, was that, people don’t always want words. There are some very soothing silences. There is the human presence. Touch. Acceptance. Lesser spoken words.

Yep. Mostly, less is more…


water colour RN Sold.


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