I remembered you today

Girl in Orange. RN Acrylic

The Girl in Orange ( painting) sold to an unknown buyer , via a small gallery in Bangalore /this  painting was done in honour of the many little girls whose parents sell them into trades best not discussed in decent places of commerce, or decent blogs of decent families. But the painting brought me the silent voices of little girls, even women in our technically brilliant nation of forward women who can fight for their rights, of which I count myself one, so please bear with me as I talk of village and other parents who still sell their baby girls, as slaves  of a kind –  or

even kill them.


I cannot imagine being kicked in my face because I do not have legitimacy, or am not deserving of my own given rights…

All the education invested in us, is undeserving if we will not, by choice, impact at least one other person, in our life time.

…If you have the power to stop a bunch of parents from hurting their child or themselves, please try to talk to them.




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14 responses to “I remembered you today

  1. Too many words to short for this one … alias remarkable indeed ..

  2. InnerDialect

    Brendan – I read your post : ” whats my cast to you” and felt ashamed that I was not writing what was really on my heart. Thank you for being such an inspiration – I have met people, like this -thru’ life, they were real people. Not trying to impress, but they lived, they said what they were living and feeling. I guess it can invite trouble too, but …. sigh. Reading your words, really pushed me to just be real… thank you 🙂

  3. I have no words. Seriously.
    No – Words.
    Thank you for posting this.

  4. InnerDialect

    HArsha, forgve me, I had to edit, the words were too good for me, couldnt handle it… but God bless you…

    • You don’t have to handle my words seriously you are doing a great job so praises are bound to come… 🙂

      • InnerDialect

        Hey Harsha – I wish we were doing a good enough job – hardly, at home it is very rewarding. There are challenges. What we dream of is a small art centre … such a tall dream…

  5. I am missing words of praise .. seriously !!
    mesmerizing painting !! and a heart of gold 🙂

  6. Bravo!! Hats off …..

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