The Philosophy of “Duh”



I just found this in my mail,

and if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, you’re staring at the gentle shades here, the darling lines and leaves ; ah the hand that rocked this cradle did some other things best left in history,

just that reality is, we have more of him in the rest of us, even me. This is getting depressing so am going to go out and wish you have a great day too, taking nothing for granted, especially people, or yr’self;

like red riding hood’s ma would say, ‘Careful about strangers’, but then my Ma also taught me about ‘ entertaining angels unawares’,  ….. this whole thing is so confusing and tiring. You just want to let humanity shut up and be. Go find your own bib and feeding spoon,get a life. That kind of mutter-words :). And then you bump into a child that hugs…

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