When You Are Provoked


I had to live, walk, eat, sleep, brush my teeth a million times ; breathe, laugh, sigh, weep,scratch, yell,jump, grieve,dance, die, arise, live, fall, sweep, jump steep then, only realise, I needn’t listen to Marty, Pinky, or Mr.Lokasinji, and what they say about me –

we are ( yes, you) infinite/ spirit/ human/zillion miles of nerves and twists and curls inside, and all this we write, or chat or do with for each other/ self, matters, sweet Maya, it matters more than what we know just yet,

and I should know by now, we are still in this University called Life, you and I, Professors of Duh – maybe, but we are infinite, not little pyres of coal and boxes of crumply bones, this is more than a temporary arrangement.  Deep sigh.

Infinite – Temporaries. 

Which makes it easier to understand why Dana SW smiled that way when she passed on, or how Mora can take terminal illness the way he does ;

it also scares me : that it leaves a responsibility to behave, even just a bit, when YOU are not around. Sheka JH. asked last night what’s the matter with me (me) and Why I cannot write normal posts about goats and lovesongs, or basic good natured movies and songs. Why go into meta- physical abnormal for pity’s sakes, you’re killing mu sleep, forever reminding of some stuff I never even knew in the first place. You’re a mad woman, he said to me, on chat, and I could hate you, if I didn’t think you meant well. So just shut up and go to sleep, or snack, or watch a nice movie like the latest take on Holly wood’s Snow White.

So, I did that, and they’re saying the same thing ; every blinking person that’s writing, or scripting, or tele-vising is going into Abnormal Psyche. I watched all the Shreks, Ice Ages, Men in Black, Transporters and Spiders – also Bats. Every single body is yelling to know if they are just some recycled paper mash monkey or what.

What am saying is, Sheka JH, we have a responsibility to behave well towards dogs, man, women, fellow-people, and fish tanks. Also fellow travellers. Do NOT ride on their toes.  say sorry of you do.

See, I just had a great Sunday morning with hot idlis and coffee. After years and years I learnt to fix Idlis :))) It was a sign, okay, however funny t’may sound here. Prayers were answered. Are answered, in ways more than we know. Because we are more than just paper-bags in a row, we have the right to ask questions, and be heard.

I prayed so hard about a few things, early this morning, I scared the clouds, the Gulmohar outside, and a few sparrows. As an answer, I was taught how to finally cook a batch of Idlis. My little son is still blind and a whole host of things still need repair. I can’t say here, but this I know.

There’s more to us than we designate, so respect us more, okay. And its’ not such a terrible thing to shut up and be grateful for ‘ tender mercies new every morning’, yeah okay it sounds old fashioned, never mind. I was served by angels this morning. The idli mix finally rose, they were no longer scud- missiles – capable of causing injury.

Why today, I don’t know. I was provoked, Sheka, 🙂 Thank you.

For reminding me that we are more than we know. More than we know.




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19 responses to “When You Are Provoked

  1. InnerDialect

    Thanks Bhakti – some posts turn out spontaneously, and one wants to turn around and thank someone :)) glad you were here…

  2. This one is intense! The images are so apt!

  3. InnerDialect

    Yep :)) Lit Lew : by now I am certified Abnormalist ! I even chat with trees and bees are scared of me :)))))))))) not joking.

  4. InnerDialect

    Heyyyyyyyyy Literary Lew – you do, you so do… :))

  5. Awesome post.I wish i could “rock n roll” like that!

  6. This post had soul in it .. made me realized that it not all materialistic advance which we makes us live … there is sense of being which drives us … a beautiful read !

  7. a very straight from the mind post. Loved it 🙂

  8. Abhijit

    We are infinite, we do not realise, and we should be spiritual, not religious. Purpose of life, I think, is not to just pass through but understand infinite spirituality that we are a manifestation.

    • InnerDialect

      Yes, not religious – that s the line. thats where we miss out on actual beautiful things. U said it. U said it.

  9. pl continue to chat with some more shekas, so u provoke us….. provoke our slumbering minds……., too drowsy to observe. learn. grow and love.

    • InnerDialect

      No no – let that Sheka just be – I need to slumber a bit I think. I’m becoming a muttering hard nosed lunatic. Why can’t I wrote a normal post – about roses or somethng. Or gardens. Or the weather :)))))

  10. That was sure different and more importantly…candid.
    Liked reading it 🙂

    • InnerDialect

      Kriti : am glad that came thru’. I got home from yesterday – noon, and reeled that off – lots of pepper and spice :)) but glad it wasn’t offensive in any way- least, hope not. Thank you for reading, taking time to comment. Truly apprec. your work too. I mean when they create blogs? This is such a fantastic medium

  11. InnerDialect

    Richa, its the only way I know to write – dive into the invisible, abstracts, all that.. 🙂 It might be random for a stock broker, but reality is … dimensional, which is why there are 7 billion + of us… so many minds. Thank you for being here, love your blog too,- and will visit soon… RN

  12. Wow! This is probably some of the first few initial times I am visiting your blog (once long back also I had). You have come across as something else! I love your writing, I thought they didn’t do it anymore. The random selection of words and thoughts. I always hear people telling me to write saner normal stuff, I thought I had to change because there was no one who could read or write like that. Thank you for writing this, a very honest and straight from mind (random thoughts jotted). Loved it!


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