When Mountains Move

English: Category:Mountains of Uttarakhand

When rain falls,

when rivers rise,

when skies blaze and-

clouds burst;

when suns scorch,  and earths-

quake, then I know with you,

I too know, these are not just signs of crime,

Trisul from Gwaldam

or mountain gods’ ire,

these are the times we know we too will die,

these are the times we  know, for now we are-

alive. And things more than visible, invade…

conquer the Eye, dear heavens – things more than

invisible,transport/ rescue our Eye.

our Eye.

Woman from Than Gaon in Uttarakhand with two g...

( break gently to my eyes  :  sometimes I cannot take too much reality. Rather just watch a movie about nice things, dear God why is  it a time tested non-myth : Pain always gets across, what years of wisdom cannot ; please someone change that news channel, re – write this Uttarakhand tragedy. It involves too  many lives, and villages, our favourite mountains and rivers, and one daren’t ask why; maybe that is why we obsessively write…)

A view of the Nainital lake.

A view of the Nainital lake. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Map of India showing location of Uttarakhand



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11 responses to “When Mountains Move

  1. That was moving!
    Beautifully expressed!

  2. one of the teacher in our school said her voice shook when she said “water is life”.witnessed how those tiny tots enjoyed “wet day” today. drizzles on their face looked so soft. which made me think again how could it be?

    • InnerDialect

      Two sides to a coin – what can I say. They say its not the earthquake that kills people, its the buildings we built that crash down. The human structures. Here a river, a mountain – it swelled and overflowed. Like a dam. Ofcourse later, we look back and rationalise. Can’t imagine the devastation.An overcrowded bazaar scares me, a spilling bus. This must have been dense endless watery horror. We will hear survivor stories soon enough. There will be the bravehearts and we will have better school room moments, But can we despise the mountain or the river.. will we stop building houses ?

  3. rat

    emotionally beautiful..

    • InnerDialect

      I’m an Emoticon. Aren’t you ? Or maybe we’re a whole batch of emoticons, each human…. / smiles wide

  4. beautifully written. 🙂 but its heartbreaking to see the new india map!

    • InnerDialect

      Sahithya, thanks – the new India map, and all her turbulence… want to say Peace baby Peace, times of rest follow, but then you would say, I’m a dreamer 🙂

  5. Kramer

    Beautiful and moving. Why do I keep thinking the two – ‘beautiful and moving’ are mutually exclusive?

    • InnerDialect

      🙂 Not all the moving things may be beautiful, am unsure – what dyou think. Beauty though does arrive, in the weirdest ways too. Thank you for being here

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