Staging War


I may not understand our gods of whom I was

born –  we may not share altars, mine is a simple stance,

very little incense, except the aroma of our need ,for a blessed India;

there is much I do not know, but the face of my god is the image

of you my brother – fighting wars, for each other.

What went wrong, why is there no definition of evil, why

must we fight each others’ caste and creed ? I cannot seem

to decipher, all I know is, what is left of today,

is what matters.

What remains, is my offering on this altar :

what we leave for our children, yours and mine,

my brother.



(from Naked Prayers)



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One response to “Staging War

  1. Kramer

    I don’t know if this is relevant but your piece triggered this memory :)

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