Indian-Indie Street Music.. ay the best I’ve heard


Society Tea, in association with, presents the first episode of Chaiwala Sessions featuring happening Mumbai pop-rock band Spud In The Box. Stay tuned to this channel for more Chaiwala Sessions with the best of Indian indie bands, brought to you by Society Tea and



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11 responses to “Indian-Indie Street Music.. ay the best I’ve heard

  1. SR

    Good one. Like this Mumbai pop rock music – band.

  2. InnerDialect

    These guys have been performing since 2011 … just stumbled onto them cuz I searched Utube for Chaiwallah sessions, something I saw in the papers..

  3. beautiful compostion 🙂

  4. wow that was !! So different 🙂 loved it !

    • InnerDialect

      Thanks… I think it was a promo for society tea? Beautiful compose.and vocals…

      • an entire song .. musically supported by day to day things .. like tea glass and boxes .. and flocked by crowd who are alien to english .. it takes talent to perform just for oneself amid people who do not relate to your performance .The claps at the end was an indication music need no language

      • InnerDialect

        We’ve seen flash mobs and some. … but this one stole me completely…

  5. indrani

    New type of music.

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