Take A look at Yourself

* MJackson was, continues to be a controversial figure, however some of his music has provoked good- the  lyrics are positive. I wish he had loved his original look more, I wish a whole lot of things, don’t you, for nice people who did not so nice things, but then his music lives to tell his story, differently.

This song ... watch what it did in the life on one young person, and others who ‘ make a difference ‘ in their own way…

…………………….(Published on Jun 11, 2012, Reggie Bennett  is the “MAN IN THE MIRROR”)

As a 13 year old child I experienced my own dreams being shattered when my injury committed me to life in a wheelchair. Moving through the phases of my own challenges and barriers to the life I had anticipated forced me to reflect on who and what I was to become. So many times I wondered where my new life’s journey would take me.

Over the years, I became the ‘Man in the Mirror‘. I saw and realized who I wanted to become and who I could become regardless of whether my dreams where achieved while standing or sitting. Whatever I wanted to do — it was up to me.

My dreams have been realized — through my beautiful family, my organization that aids the disability community, and I even became a professional athlete….. as I had dreamed of as a child. Through a different path? Yes. But those dreams did come to pass once I looked into myself and found the man within; a man that “changed his ways” and found the clearer message.

Tonight is a celebration of motivation, dreams realized, and the simple act of living life to the fullest regardless of the path we’re given. So, from today forward – look within yourselves and see possibilities rather than any inabilities. “I’m gonna make a change for once in my life, it’s gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference. Gonna make it right.” Michael Jackson — Man In The Mirror

Make that change, and make your way beyond any barriers or challenges to YOUR dreams. Reggie Bennett

A phenomenal performance produced by Tshlene Henreid celebrating the tenacity and the achievements of Reggie Bennett.

I Met The Man……

I met a man who had traveled the challenging and broken path from a child’s dream of becoming a professional athlete…. to a man who became a professional cheerleader, motivator, coach, and dream weaver for others.

Others, who for various reasons have encountered their own interrupted and broken paths to their dreams. Others, who have lost not only the path to their intended dreams, but lost the heart to see the possibilities of new paths, and the magic of new dreams.

I met the man who holds out his hand and his heart to lead those who have lost their way. He offers not only understanding and comfort to those in need of direction, but the more concrete gifts of knowledge, resources, and opportunities for independence. Your path becomes his path if you’ve lost your way. You are no longer alone in your journey.

From that seriously injured 13-year old child with broken dreams emerged the man of today. The man, who looked in the mirror and saw the reflection of his passion and commitment to the needs of others, achieved something much more important than any winning touchdown.

His 30 year journey has thus far created a multi-faceted resource organization benefiting others. He is personally a symbol of strength, hope and the example that new paths taken can still be dreams realized — just different dreams – bigger dreams. And for him — much more fulfilling dreams that touch and enable others to have independence, self-esteem and quality of life.

I Met The Man …..and I am humbled by the challenges of his broken path and what he has achieved in his quest to support, enable and provide for others on his intended path.



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